Underfloor Heating

Floor Heating Systems Ltd are a well established, family owned electric underfloor heating company based in Nottinghamshire UK. We are the UK’s only retailers of the leading Handyheat brand of underfloor heating which has a unique LIFETIME warranty. You will find we are very helpful, our team are always available to help. It is our aim is to supply the best quality products available at competitive prices, matched by first class customer service & after sales advice.

electric underfloor heating mat

150W Cable Mat

Designed to be installed directly below tiles & stone flooring, 150w/sqm cable mats are the perfect solution for most rooms providing full heating. Choice of Thermostats with all kits.


200w/sqm Cable Mats

Also designed to be installed directly below tiles & stone flooring, 200w/sqm cable mats are the perfect solution for larger heat loss rooms. Choice of Thermostats with all kits.

Cable Kits

Designed to be installed directly below tiles, cable kits are the perfect solution for bathrooms & irregular shaped rooms. Choice of fully programable thermostats with every kit.


We have a range of underfloor heating thermostats. Ranging from the FH300 starter thermostat controller to the professional touch screen underfloor heating thermostats FH-03 which gives ultimate control of your underfloor heating.

Mirror De-Misters

We stock a wide range of electric mirror demister pads ranging from 15w to 150w these will suit from the smallest bathroom mirror right up to the largest wall width mirrors. These mirror demister pads act as mirror heaters to keep your mirrors permanently mist free and are extremely easy to install for the DIY enthusiast.

Underfloor Insulation

HandyHeat tile-backer boards are the ideal partner for underfloor heating in both new & existing floors. Board thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm. Depron Insulation for under Carbon Laminate heating.


    Underfloor heating runs at much lower temperature than most standard heating, costs are reduced and typical savings around 10-15% can be gained on running costs. This systems require little or no maintenance, bringing savings for years to come.


    Gentle warmth from the floor gives a comfortable feeling through the entire room. With temperatures, controlled precisely with our state of the art thermostats, you will benefit from the feeling it brings.


    Underfloor heating once fitted is totally invisible within the room, allowing you the freedom to place furniture where you want, not having to work round radiators.


    Our under-tile cables & mats are just 3mm thick & the carbon film is less than half a millimeter thick so the heating itself makes very little difference to floor thresholds.


    Electric underfloor heating is designed to run with a floor surface temperature at a comfortable 25 – 28 deg C. In areas of high heat loss (such as conservatories) you may need to run it a few degrees higher than this to compensate.


    Yes – The digital clock thermostat allows the user full control both the temperature & times the heating system is operating.