UnderFloor Heating

Underfloor heating system specialists for the DIY

Floor Heating Systems Ltd are a well established, family owned electric underfloor heating company based in Nottinghamshire UK. We are the UK’s only retailers of the leading Handyheat brand of electrical under floor heating which has a unique LIFETIME warranty. You will probably find we are not the cheapest supplier in the market, however our aim is to supply the best quality products available at competitive prices, matched by first class customer service & after sales advice. Visit our New showroom.

Our diy underfloor heating systems can be used for anything from simply taking the chill of cold tiles in a bathroom or kitchen, right through to a complete home heating system. Please feel free to call a member of our experienced sales team on who will be happy to offer you free advice and a no obligation quote.

Underfloor Heating Cable Kit

Cable kit underfloor heating

Electric Underfloor Heating Cable Mat

Cable Mat Underfloor heating

DIY 1mrt heating mat

1mtr carbon mat

Floor Heating Cable

Designed to be installed directly below tiles, cable kits are the perfect solution for bathrooms & irregular shaped rooms.
Fully programmable digital thermostat included with every kit.

Floor Heating Mat

Also designed to be installed directly below tiles & stone flooring, cable mats are the perfect solution for larger square/rectangular rooms. Available in two different outputs, 150watts per sqm for internal rooms & 200

Fully programmable digital thermostat included with every kit.

Carbon Film

This system is designed especially for use directly below laminate, engineered wood & hardwood ‘floating’ floors, without the need for leveling screeds etc. This systems is also supplied with a layer of insulation/underlay.
Fully programmable digital thermostat included with every kit.

Under Carpet Heating

Under Carpet Heating

Cable Drum

Heating cable on Drum

Tilebacker Board

Underfloor Insulation

 Under Carpet & Vinyl

Heatpak has been designed to be a complete electric underfloor heating system specifically for use on floor types including vinyl flooring (such as Amtico & Karndean). Carpet tiles and thin ‘low tog’ carpets excluding the underlay can also be used.

Fully programmable digital thermostat included with every kit

In Screed Cables

A higher wattage, heavy-duty cable system that is designed to be installed within the concrete screed of a new building or extension. A very cost-effective solution for new home constructions

Under floor Insulation

HandyHeat tile-backer boards are the ideal partner for underfloor heating in both new & existing floors. Board thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm