Questions about Underfloor Heating Kits

How much does it cost to run?
This is the most common question we get & the simple answer is that the running costs are determined by many different factors, however in the majority of cases the running costs should not be a negative factor.

When the systems are used in a well-insulated building (in line with current building regulations) the running costs are usually very low, the thermostatic control in each room/zone means that you only use just enough energy to maintain your desired room temperature. A typical new building would perhaps cost around £3-£4 per sqm per annum to run, so 100sqm free floor area home would cost around £300-£400 per year to heat.

In a conservatory with an insulated floor, electric underfloor heating will be more efficient than radiators due to the fact that you are using the whole floor as a low temperature radiant room heater. In an average sized conservatory used at weekends & winter evenings, the cost may be up to £8 per sqm/annum to run – so around £80 – £100 per year.

Floor Heating Systems have supplied sole source electric floor heating systems to much larger homes including barn conversions of up to 300sqm. Electric floor heating stands out as an excellent choice, especially in areas where there is no mains gas supply & the options are electric, oil, or calor gas. Electric floor heating is usually much cheaper to install that ‘wet’ systems & in some of the properties we supplied, the cost was less than half that of an equivalent ‘wet’ system.

Electric underfloor heating is also more efficient than radiators & other convected heat & requires no maintenance or servicing & 100% of the electrical energy is turned into heat energy, rather than being lost as exhaust gases as is the case with many gas central heating systems.

In the future, it is inevitable that more electricity will have to be produced from greener energy sources such as wind power & so in the future, electric underfloor heating should be one of the ‘greenest’ ways to heat your home.

Will underfloor heating raise my floor levels?
Our under-tile cables & mats are just 3mm thick & the carbon film is less than half a millimeter thick so the heating itself makes very little difference to floor thresholds.

How warm will the floor get?
Electric underfloor heating is designed to run with a floor surface temperature at a comfortable 25 – 28 deg C. In areas of high heat loss (such as conservatories) you may need to run it a few degrees higher than this to compensate.

Can the temperature be regulated?
Yes – The digital clock thermostat allows the user full control both the temperature & times the heating system is operating.

Are there any special wiring requirements?
For most small rooms the system can often be connected to an existing household wiring circuit via a fused spur, for larger areas a single dedicated circuit from your distribution board will be needed. All electrical work must be made by a qualified electrician who will be able to advise you on what you need.

What is the warm up time?
How long it takes to heat the floor will vary, depending on your sub-floor & its insulation. The better the insulation the quicker it will heat up, 30 minutes to an hour on a wooden floor, but it may take several hours on an un-insulated concrete floor. However, on concrete floors it will also retain the heat in the concrete & therefore take much longer to cool down. Warm-up times can be drastically reduced to as little as 15-20 minutes using an insulated tile-backer board such as Marmox.

Do I need any special adhesive?
In most cases you will need to use a flexible tile adhesive – these are available from all tile outlets or direct from Handyheat in Hucknall.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes all cables are backed by a manufacturers LIFETIME guarantee – the thermostat is guaranteed for five years from date of purchase. The carbon film is guaranteed for TEN-YEARS

Can I buy Handyheat cable kits locally?
Handyheat systems is only available direct from Floor Heating Systems Ltd – you can buy direct from us at discount prices on a next day delivery on-line or over the phone Tel: +44 (0) 115 983 4255, or from our trade counter in Hucknall.

Can the underfloor heating be used as the only heat source?
In most cases underfloor heating can be used as a primary/sole heat source as long as the room/building is well insulated. If you need any advice on this & the amount of heat you will need, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team for advice

Would it cause any inconvenience to the floor fitter?
Most tillers are happy to tile directly over the cables & cable mats, but some may prefer to cover them with a thin latex leveling compound first. The carbon film should cause no inconvenience to a wood/laminate floor fitter.

Why would you use a cable kit instead of a cable mat?
For small or complicated areas like bathrooms a single heating cable is the answer but where larger areas are concerned an underfloor cable mat offers a much faster installation for a similar cost. However you must always chose a mat size which is at least 10% smaller than the free floor area of the room

e.g. 10.3sqm room – select 9 sqm mat

What is the advantage of using a 200 watt per m² underfloor heating cable mat?
200 watt per sqm mats are ideal in conservatories & areas of high heat loss, where you need a higher output than standard. Running costs are not affected as you reach the required temperature faster & from there the thermostat accurately regulates the power consumption to meet the temperature you choose.

Can I cut the cable?
Under no circumstances can underfloor heating cables be cut to length – if you cut the cable you will invalidate the warranty. If you think you have too much cable/mat – please contact one of our advisors for immediate advice.

Do I need to be an expert to install the under floor heating system?
All underfloor cable heating mats come with a full set of heating mat installation instructions. Most small to medium size underfloor cable heating systems can be installed on a DIY basis but it is recommended that a fully qualified electrician connects the cable heating system to the household mains.
Larger areas will need careful planning due to the extra electricity loading calculations that will be required; a separate power supply may be needed for large under floor cable heating installations.
Can I install a underfloor heating kits without insulation?
Yes you can, especially if you just want to warm a specific floor area such as a small kitchen, however if you want to use the system to be your primary room heating then we would strongly recommend the use of an insulation board (especially if you are installing in either a conservatory or an older house which does not benefit from current insulation standards.