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Underfloor Heating Cable Mats

Cable Mats from Handyheat, electric underfloor heating cable mats come with a LIFETIME warranty against cable failure.
Our heating cable mats are the most popular system for larger open areas such as conservatories, dining rooms & kitchens.
The underfloor heating cable mat uk has a self-adhesive backing & is simply rolled out onto a primed sub-floor, or tilebacker insulation board & then tiled over.

The 150w/sqm can be used as comfort heating, or primary heating system.

In areas of higher heat loss where greater output is required (e.g. in a conservatory, or poorly insulated kitchen) please select the 200w/sqm mat. Please call for advice if not sure. Tel:- 0800 881 8097 or 0115 983 4255
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Cable Mat
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Each cable mat kit includes

• Underfloor Heating Cable Mat stitched on self-adhesive mesh
• Digital, fully programmable thermostat with built in timer
• Floor sensor
• Floor primer & roller
• Detailed Instructions & Freephone technical helpline
• LIFETIME warranty


• Twin core heating cable with single cold lead
• Sizes available from 1 to 23sqm coverage
• Teflon insulation for longevity
• Tinned copper earth braid
• cable mat cable cover
• Option of 150 watts per sqm or 200 watts per sqm for conservatories & other areas where higher output is needed.

Note! “When working out Cable Mat size, normal coverage is between 80% and 90%. So a 10sqm room would only require a 9sqm mat (Max) or an 8sqm mat if the room was a complex shape. If you are unsure call one of out team who will advise you. Call us free on 0800 881 8097.