Heating Mat Carbon Film

Handyheat heating mat, carbon heating film is the designed for use directly below laminate, engineered wood & some hardwood ‘floating’ floors. In most cases Handyheat carbon heating film can be used as a primary room heating source & comes in a choice of 130w/sqm (recommended for internal rooms) or the higher output 160w/sqm (recommended for conservatories/areas of high heat loss).

Also see Heat-pak for Carpet.

heating mat
heating mat carbon film

Each system comes complete with:

  • Carbon heating film designed to fit your room with factory made ‘cold’ cable
    Laminate floor heating
    Under Laminate floor heating


  • 6mm Depron insulation/underlay (no other underlay is required)
  • Fully programmable digital thermostat with built in timer
  • Cable connection box (same size as single or double plug socket)
  • Push fit cable connectors
  • Moisture barrier sheet
  • Full detailed instructions & layout drawing
  • 10-Year guarantee certificate


    • The thinnest electric underfloor heating system on the market
    • Starts to warm up in just a few minutes
    • Can be installed directly below laminate & wood floors (no need for screeds)
    • Suitable for laminate, engineered wood & many hardwood floors
    • 10 year guarantee on the heating film
    • Simple DIY installation (electrician required to make the connections

    You will find our price list below, however as this system is made to order to fit your room size we require either the internal floor size (if the room is a simple rectangle), or a simple sketch of the floor showing any fixed objects like kitchen units etc. On receipt of the sizes or drawing, we will confirm the best kit size & price for you. Delivery depends on volume of orders, but is typically around 1 working week

    New 1 metre wide carbon

    1mrt heating mat
    1mtr carbon mat

    Carbon heating film is now available in 3 widths, 100cm, 53cm & 33cm – our design team use the best combination of film to fit your room & for the least number of connections for your electrician.

Not all carbon film is the same.

We have seen some cheap copies around in the last few months, our carbon film has been manufactured in the UK for many years in a BEAB approved factory. It is certificated to standard IEC60335 – certificate number NO40430

We have sold more than 500,000 sqm in the UK of this premier underfloor heating mat during the last 10 years – the quality & reliability is second to none.

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