Heatmiser neoStat-e

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Heatmiser neoStat-e

The Heatmiser neoStat-e is a digital thermostat programmer.  It has been made specifically for electric heating and is especially suited to electric underfloor heating.  The neoStat-e can be run as a stand alone system, is supplied with a 3 meter remote floor sensor and is capable of switching up to 16A.

The neoStat-e has very “simple to use” controls and is ready to use out of the box, with it’s pre-programmed factory default 5/2-day programme (Mon-Fri/Sat-Sun). This programme can quickly be edited to suit your lifestyle or you can create your own with different timings for each day of the week. The neoStat-e can also be run in fully manual (non-programmable) mode.
The Heatmiser neoStat-e offers you a smarter way to control your electric floor heating from anywhere!.  With the addition of the neoHub you can access your heating controls via the user-friendly Heatmiser App, from your sofa, from work or even the airport.

When used in conjuction with the neoHub, the neoStat-e allows you to control
your heating system from anywhere. Much like the HiveHome system by British gas.

If you have multiple heating systems, the neoStat-e communicates to the neoHub and with other neoStats within your home, to create a fully controllable network of your home heating, still controllable from anywhere!

neoStat-e is future-proof. if you decide to add more systems to your home, they can simply connect to the existing neoHub wirelessly.  You can have up to 32 systems on a single neoHub.

The neoStat-e can also be configured to work as a thermostat or as a simple timer – so if you want to take control of your towel rails, or lighting remotely – neoStat offers you this and more!

Neo- Thermostat App

Neo-e Thermostat

Features & Info

  • 5/2-day 7-day programming or fully manual (selectable in software)
  • Temperature Hold Feature
  • Holiday Feature
  • °C / °F selectable
  • Self Learning Optimum Start
  • Key Pad Lock Facility
  • Frost protection with adjustable temperature setting
  • Mesh Networking Facility
  • Holiday Function
  • 16A Switch rating  (3,680 watts)
  • Blue Back Lit Screen
  • Built in Air sensor
  • Floor sensor included
  • Supply: 230v AC
  • Installed Dimensions: 85x85x15mm (L,H,D)
  • Weight: 150g