Handy Heat Board

Insulation for Underfloor Heating


Insulation Underfloor Tile backer board
Underfloor Insulation

HandyHeat tile backing boards is now made in the UK

British Standard:- BS874

No longer does Handy Heat Tilebacker board have to travel halfway round the world,
It’s now made here in the UK

HandyHeat Insulation – Used below tiles & concrete screed floors

Insulation Underfloor Tile backer board stock
Tile backer board stock

Our Handyheat insulation underfloor boards are a state of the art product, which prevents heat loss into concrete & floors. Ideal for use with under- tile heating systems, it is recommended by leading underfloor heating manufacturers.
Handyheat boards are also used as a tile-backer board when fixed over chipboard floors (both with & without underfloor heating) offering a waterproof & stable surface on which to lay tiles.

Using an insulation board will improve the performance of electric underfloor heating, even if you have insulation below the concrete screed.

HandyHeat boards are made from a waterproof extruded polystyrene. On each face the boards have a fibreglass mesh & a rigid cement polymer coating giving it superior qualities to most other boards on the market including:





  • Insulation boards have class ‘O’ fire rating.
  • Insulation boards have superior Rigidity
  • Insulation boards have excellent bonding to all tile adhesives
  • Insulation boards have compressive strength of 30 tonnes per sqm
  • Insulation boards have high point loading resistance

Handyheat boards are available direct from stock in the following sizes:-


Tile Backer Board
CodeBoard Size ThicknessBoard Area Price including VAT Buy Online

Handyheat boards are fixed to a concrete sub-floor with tile adhesive (just like large lightweight tiles). For timber sub-floors including chipboard, the recommend method of fixing is with flexible tile adhesive & galvanised screws & washers

Depron Insulation – Used below wood/laminate floors

Depron is a 6mm thick insulation underfloor extruded closed cell polystyrene sheet, which has excellent insulation & sound proofing qualities: Depron is supplied as part of our Handyheat Carbon Heating Film kit


  • Depron is suitable for use beneath any type of floating wood or laminate flooring.
  • Depron is designed for use directly below Handyheat Carbon Heating Film
  • Depron has a thermal resistance of 0.030 W/mK
  • Depron evens out and covers over irregularities and cracks in solid sub-floors. Flattens out old worn floorboards without the need to overlay with plywood.
  • Depron is light to handle and easily cut to shape with a Stanley knife. Channels for wiring can be accurately cut in.
  • Depron panels are 0.80m x 1.25m x 6mm & available to buy in 10sqm or 20sqm packs.

Depron is moisture resistant, effectively blocks out damp and coldness from solid flooring. Depron also reflects heat back through the flooring making it an ideal base when installing underfloor heating.